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About Us

Megan Shearer

Founder of 360BodyFit

I am really passionate about living a healthy, energetic and active lifestyle. I have 6 years’ experience as a Personal Trainer and 7 years’ experience as a massage therapist.

I love to spend time with my friends and family. Sometimes that’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen, seeing what I can create using lots of raw, fresh ingredients, or TGIF wine and cheese with the girls. Apart from my day to day exercise regime, being an adventurous person usually means you find me involved in some kind of outdoor activity.

I believe that hard work, mixed with a little pleasure and a commitment to your values and beliefs is the key to living a really fulfilling life. We all have life commitments or situations that get in the way of being able to dedicate 100% of our effort to ourselves. This shouldn’t be a reason or excuse not to begin or to give up.

If you are looking to increase your overall fitness, drop some kilo’s, or have ambition to achieve something more specific. Take a look at my Personal Training page where you will find a solution that is ideal for you.

Are you suffering from an injury or live a busy/physical lifestyle which has your body feeling tight and tense with a lot of annoying aches and pains. Perhaps you are just wanting to relax and give your body some TLC. Book now or check out my Massage page for further information on me and my massage services.

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