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Spring is here

(Even though it might not feel like it)

First up– what does detox mean and why is detoxing or cleansing important?

Detoxification is how your body gets rid of waste. Your liver and kidneys are the main organs used when toxins are processed for elimination. When impurities aren’t properly filtered and waste builds up, we can get sick or become fatigued or low in energy.

Your body will process the waste component of what we put into it, Your body will process the waste from what you eat and drink (junk food & alcohol) as a priority over waste that it produces or creates itself for example estrogen or cortisol(which can cause a whole other set of problems). Supporting your body with this process will help maintain a healthy weight, keep your hormones balanced and keep you energised to achieve all you need to in your day to day (busy) life and be ready to take on tomorrow.

My 6 best ways to DETOX

  1. Identify what toxins you are putting into your body– YES, this may seem like a no brainer, you could beunintentionally taking in food and beverages that could harm. For example, sugars, some grains, processed meats, excess dairy and preservatives. Try and eliminate these for 7 days and instead fill up on whole foods.  See how your body feels.
  2. Get moving– Most people don’t associate exercising with detoxing, however, it truly is a crucial part. It helps the circulation of your blood and lets the lymphatic system do its job. 
  3. Do a juice cleanse or eat lots of detoxifying foods– lemon, apple, ginger, kale, pineapple are all examples of foods that are great for detoxing the liver, stomach, intestines and kidneys. You can add lots of these into your diet to assist with cleansing or do your research on the best stockist of an organic juice cleanse. Super easy when its already prepared for you. 
  4. Dandelion Tea– This root is a liver lover. It promotes proper liver function, easy digestion, urine flow and has a mild laxative response. It is amazing in assisting your body with detoxification. 
  5. Liver supplements– Food cannot detoxify your body, however eating healthy wholesome foods and additionally taking some supplements can support the liver and kidneys do their job better.  
  6. Drink water – Last but certainly not least! Water is crucial when it comes to helping the body get rid of toxins. It transports nutrients to the areas where it’s needed, prevents constipation and aids your kidneys with flushing out toxins. 

Don’t forget if you are feeling sluggish, massage is one of the best ways to get your lymphatic system going. Particularly if you have over indulged this winter 😉 

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